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1096 Concession Rd 5 "Sylvid Lake", Caledon, Ontario

The Lake, its surrounding lands, the footpaths within the development, and approximately 50 acres of land belong to the Lake Sylvid Home Owners Association. There are 12 registered lots within the development and therefore 12 home owners, who have to belong to the Association, pay its annual dues and abide by its rules defined in the Association By-Laws. The annual dues for 2013/2014 were $1,100.00 The development was conceived and executed by Martin Sernas, P.Eng. in the mid to late 1980’s. Its major feature is the man - made lake, the Humber River flowing through the lands and the large open space on the north side of the river. The Humber River’s source is approximately 10km west of the development. It flows through relatively uninhabited lands and therefore it is almost drinkably clean. The river displays a healthy trout population and is a joy to our local fishermen. The Humber River is the source of water for Lake Sylvid. Part of the river’s water enters, through stone gabions, a sedimentation basin, from where it is discharged through a long pipe line into Lake Sylvid. At the east end of the Lake a discharge chamber allows the regulation of the lake level and at the same time the discharge into a pipe line which in turn discharges the flow of the water into the Humber River near the bridge of the 5th Concession Road. Lake Sylvid is not only a haven for swimmers but also a delight for fishermen. The most frequently caught fish have been small mouth bass and perch. On rare occasions trout has been caught. Bass sizes have reached 22” – 24”. A community dock, at the west end of the lake, serves boaters, swimmers and fishermen. As a matter of general interest the name Lake Sylvid has been delivered from the first names of the two daughters of Martin Sernas being Sylvia and Vida. The cul-de-sac road, with abutting 10 lots, was also named and registered as Sylvid Court. No estate residential development in reasonable vicinity can match the outdoor facilities offered by this development.

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