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Green Living

Its been a long and trying winter for most of us, and Spring is finally in the Air!  That harsh winter has given most of us a reality check on Global Warming. If you are looking for greener ways to work and live, here are a few Painless Changes You Can Make For A Green Home - Courtesy of REALSIMPLE.COM

Green Living
Just looking for the gist?

1) Switch to Green Cleaning Products. Its better for our Air Quality & Health
2) Meatless Mondays - A family of 4 that cuts out meat just one night a week can have the same effect as driving a hybrid car!
3) Sustainable Products - Shop for Sustainable, Organic or Free Range Meat, Fish & Produce.
4) Top up your Insulation - Adding insulation (as easy as caulking) around windows & doors can improve your home energy's draw by 20-30%