The Buying Process

1. Decide it is time to buy a home

2. Establish the important facts:
                                            * Price Range
                                            * Desired Location(s)
                                            * Required/Desired features

3. Decide on a Sales Representative to work with. This can be a very exciting, active and confusing time. Try to choose a Sales Representative who you feel most comfortable with and who you trust.

Your Sales Representative will source out and inspect available homes which meet your criteria and show you suitable homes as they become available.  These tasks alone will save you plenty of time rather than seeing a lot of houses that are not right for you, or missing out on highly suitable properties which may not host open houses or

4. Once you've found a suitable home, you will prepare the offer with your REALTOR. This key document must cover all details which are important to you in this transaction. (See "The offer" for detailed information on this process)

5. Your Sales Representative will negotiate on your behalf with the sellers REALTOR. This can be a very simple process, or there can be several stages to the negotiating process.

6. Conditions. Once the deal has been made, the sale may be "conditional" on certain terms as discussed between you and your REALTOR. Some conditions include a home inspection or financing. In some cases your REALTOR may advise that you fulfill these conditions PRIOR to making the offer. This can be typical in a situation where there is an expectation of more than one offer on a property.

7. Once a deal has been completed and is now "firm", you will decide on a Real Estate Lawyer to complete the transaction for you. Your REALTOR can always recommend a Lawyer if you are unsure who to use. Once you have a lawyer lined up, your Sales Representative will forward all necessary documents to your Lawyer. Your Lawyer will complete what is necessary for closing the transaction.

8. Prepare to move. Moving Checklist

9. The Closing Date is the day you take possession
    Your main expenses are:
                                      * The Purchase Price (Less the deposit amount)
                                      * Land Transfer Taxes payable to the Provincial &
                                         Municipal Governments Land Transfer Taxes
                                      * Legal Fees
                                      * Moving Costs Moving Costs
                                      * HST for new or renovated housing

10. Along the way your agent is there to provide you with information, insight and support. Pre & Post closing questions are always something your Sales Representative is always happy to help you with.